The Artist

Ling Strube

Ling Strube is a distinctive and a passionate artist who was born and raised in China. At a very young age, she had expressed her ardent love for art especially in painting. After finishing high school, she decided to enter into an art school to formally train for three years. In the year 1990, she migrated to Australia and started working as a street portrait artist as her first job.

Her effectiveness fostered after getting employed as an illustrator artist in few of the reputable companies in Australia. In 1996, she attended Eastern College of TAFE in Melbourne, Australia and took up Computer-aided Art and Design for two years which broadened her knowledge in the field of art. She then later worked as a Graphic Designer in Trellian Pty. Ltd. in Melbourne. By the year 2000 she migrated to Germany for good.

For the past ten years, Ling focused more on painting and drawings. Her works are highly inspired by some of the renowned artists in the 19th century, namely, Claude Monet, William-Adolph Bouguereau, and Nicolai Fechin. Also, some renowned contemporary artists including Richard Schmid, David Leffel, and Sherrie McGraw serve as her inspiration.

Two years ago, Ling began her solo exhibits as well as her group exhibits in local places and constantly earn enthusiastic praise. Powerful compositions, nice light arrangements, and a gorgeous sense of colour all comes together in her perfect harmony. On account of her outstanding piece of art that continuously attracts art lovers, Ling successfully gained myriads of interested clients.